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Delicate Wash 490 ml *6 , buy 6 get 1 free


Delicate Wash 490 ml *6 , buy 6 get 1 free

For Your Finest Fabrics

Delicate Wash liquid laundry detergent is expressly made to launder the most precious fibers of silk, linen, lace, delicate blends wrapping them in floral bouquet of golden orchid.

For Delicates

Silks, brocades, laces, chiffons and georgettes are intricately crafted fabrics and as such, require gentle special care to keep their beauty and unique characteristics. Lac Blanc Delicate Wash is distinctly formulated to clean the most ethereal fabrics that have been worn for thousands of years. It gently cleans fabrics while preserving their natural sheen. Without proper care the complex details of their craftsmanship, could be lost and our modus operandi can maintain the quality of these fabrics so the keep their glory.

Fragrance - Golden Orchid

The fragrant golden orchid is a precious variety of orchid with distinguished elegance. The golden orchid essential oil is of excellent quality and will not irritate the skin like chemical fragrances.

Lavish delicate garments in a bath of Lac Blanc Classic Fabric Conditioner, for the most excellent results when machine or hand washing.

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