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Our Story

The Beginning

We started our 1st Lac Blanc Zurich product development when we were faced with the inability to find suitable dry cleaners for our fine garments and delicate fabric dresses we used. Dry cleaning would leave our clothes un-fresh and rough, or our silk and cashmere outfits colorless, shrink or both, in addition, to leave chemical remains on our clothes.

The Drive

We started looking for healthier products, with no toxic or unnecessary chemicals, and committed that Lac Blanc Zurich would work with a philosophy of 'health first'; that continues today – if there’s any doubt about the safety of an ingredient for people’s health or the environment, we simply don’t use it and find an alternative!
As such, Lac Blanc products are the result of over 18 months of scientific research and innovation, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world.

Quality First

Lac Blanc Zurich priority is to develop 100% natural products, allergens free*, environment-friendly and made of top quality ingredients. All our products are optical brighteners free, bleaching agents free, phosphate free, petroleum-derived products free, dyes free, enzymes free, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and Paraben free. All our products are against Animal cruelty, and therefore are animal
testing free, and animal by-products free.

All Lac Blanc Zurich products are appropriate for the most delicate skins, including newborn babies and children. We’re proud to be a Swiss manufacturing company which creates premium products that are healthier for people and our environment.

Our journey is ongoing and we are constantly looking to improve the way we do things.

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