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Baby Fabric Detergent 970 ml
Baby Fabric Detergent 970 ml

Baby Fabric Detergent 970 ml

Baby Fabric Detergent gentle cleans baby clothes, bedding and playthings. The biodegradable formula will leave baby washables supple and reduce static with no toxins or allergens. The sweet vanilla gently perfumes and comforts the baby nursery.

For the Nursery

Keeping your precious bundle of joy clean is key to happiness. Babies can change clothes several times a day. Their soft playthings and beddings also require regular washing. To keep your baby nursery soft and clean, use Lac Blanc Baby Fabric Detergent rather than chemical or normal detergent cleaning. Your baby's skin feels soft without the rough friction from other detergents that can make baby fabrics feel hard and stiff. Lac Blanc Zurich Baby Fabric Detergent’s, all-natural formula will swaddle your baby in warm, clean comfort.

Fragrance - True Vanilla Dream

Fine vanilla essential oil is extracted from orchid for its sweet flavor and calming effect on babies. Balanced with elemi, the scent naturally perfumes the baby nursery to reduce stress and surround baby in loving comfort. Natural vanilla essential oil will not irritate like chemical fragrances.

Rinse baby nursery washables with Lac Blanc Baby Fabric Conditioner for added softness and a soothing fragrance experience.

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