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Classic Detergent 970 ml
Classic Detergent 970 ml

Classic Detergent 970 ml

Everyday Laundry

Classic Detergent and Fabric Conditioner treatment system is specially designed to clean and freshen pure cotton and cotton blends, household textiles and blended fabrics we use each day. The elegant white lavender fragrance infuses everyday washables and transports you to the South of France.

For Cottons and Blends

Crisp table linens, soft luxurious towels and cozy sheets are symbols of a lifestyle of superior quality and taste.

Classic Detergent meets your daily laundry needs while maintaining the natural look and feel of the fabric. The extraordinary formula reduces static and wrinkles.

Fragrance - White Lavender

The highly perfumed White Lavender is a precious variety of the lavendula plant. The white lavender essential oil does not irritate skin and is regarded for its ability to enhance sleep quality.

Rinse everyday cottons and blends with Classic Conditioner for added softness and heightened fragrance experience.


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